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EN PRIMEUR, Oak Barrique, 1er Grand Cru wine 
has to be stored under perfect conditions

Dear Customer,

in these days, Bordeaux wines of 2014 are offered EN PRIMEUR to the market.

In the past we have delivered these wines to a number of EU and Asian
No matter in which country you live, we will be glad to check possibilities.
The physical delivery of the filled bottles of vintage 2014 will take place 
most probably in spring 2017.(for 1er GCC 2017, wines from lower 
classification levels accordingly earlier) The final date of availability is 
fixed by the Chateau and is out of our influence.

Basicially we are able to offer all available EN PRIMEURS.
(including all 1er Grand Cru Classé)
However some Chateaux decided to discontinue this business. 
(e.g. Chateau Latour, but of course we can offer older vintages 
of almost all certified growths, sometimes back to 1980)

We guarantee originally closed wooden cases from the Chateau, sealed with 
original straps, stored in air conditioned warehouses, back labels in accordance 
to the requirements of your country, separately packed to the wooden case, 
heat protection cover for the transportation (by air shipment), a certificate to 
re-confirm this purchase and certainly a commercial invoice.

Please be aware, that for some countries you will have to hold an import lisence 
or special permission, which is mandatory and essential for the shipment and 
import procedure.

Please send your inquiry to us – just “click” HERE and use the email form.

We are looking forward to receive your message.

With best regards

Marco Kreuzaler

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